Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Simple redhead :)

Very simple eye makeup i worn a while ago :) 

Products used:

Kryolan red lip pencil
Sugarpill Love + 
Sugarpills 'Tako'
Urban decays 'naked' & 'buck'
Mua liquid liner
Illamasqua Loose pigment
Girls with attitude lashes
Starfish hairclips made by me :)


Monday, 27 February 2012

Heavy Glitter - Drag inspired

I kept thinking of startrek when i was finished... hmmm..

I wear makeup like this out so im extremely unapproachable :D Stranger safety! 
I don't have alot to say about this look, it was suppose to be subtle and then i killed it and splashed glitter everywhere :-)

Products used:
Revlon Colour Stay
Sugarpill Dollipop
Red Lipliner
Face painting glitter
Sugarpill love+
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Tiara
Sugarpill Bulletproof
Sugarpill After party
Illamasqua Loose pigment beguile
Mua liquid Liner
Mac Cherish

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Walking on air

I did this a while ago and forgot to post, herp derp :D
Inspired by Kerli, i can't wait to do more kerli looks 8-)

Products used:

Sugarpill After Party
Sugarpill Bulletproof

Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Afterparty
Sugarpill Bulletproof
Sugarpill Lumi
Mua Liquid Liner
Girls with attitude vampire lashes

:) xoxo

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cathy And Heathcliff

*dead cathy and heathcliff

Hahaha! I can't take this seriously :')
Just pretend that those flowers actually grew on the moors :D

Products used:
Sugarpill cosmetics
Nail Art stickers
Pound Shop Halloween confetti 8-)

Gone With The Wind

Don't judge, it's alot harder than it looks haha! 8-)

I love this movie 8-)

Products used:
MUA Liquid Liner
Sugarpill Burning Heart palette
Sugarpill Tako & Bulletproof

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fairy Princess ♥

I wore this because i am a fairy princess 8-)

Happy Valentines Day!
You can vote for this look by 'liking' at Makeupbee

Products Used:
Revlon Colours Stay

Barry M White eyeliner
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Sugarpill Dollipop

Sugarpill Tako +  bulletproof
Sugarpill Dollipop
Sugarpill Poison plum
Sugarpill Lumi
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in 'Breathe'
Gems (moonmarks)
Mua Silver glitter liner
Mac Blacktrack
Girls with attitude vampire lashes

Lady Gaga Cheerio Scene makeup :)

Hahahahaha! Heres why Lauren has no valentines.. or friends :D

Products used:

Revlon Colourstay

Mac concealer
W7 Liquid Liner

Naked palette
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liner

Love+ by Sugarpill
Flamepoint by Sugarpill

Maybelline lipstick

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hand Art: Parrot

First try... really messy 8-) it was fun though, KlairedelysArt taught me how to do it, shes amazing :D i shall post her tutorial... I used Snazaroo facepaints :) x

Gaga inspired :)

Gaga inspired :D 
Haha i look funny blonde :) i did this last new year because i thought it would be fun to dress up like my idol :D ive already started planning on my born this way ball makeup and outfit :D yay!

Revon Colourstay in Buff
Sugarpill's Flamepoint & Love+

Sugarpill Lumi
Sugarpill Tako & Bulletproof
Naked palette (forgot which colours... herp derp)

Mac Russian Red

I bought the wig at Annabelleswigs :)


Friday, 3 February 2012

Skull Lady :)

Came up with this one day :)

Products used: 
Revlon Colourstay
Naked Palette
Snazaroo Face Paints

Kerli - Tea party ...Black and white Lady makeup

I promise you i don't smoke crack :D i just had the wig and face paint and thought why not...
Tea party lady..
me... trippin balls

I used Snazaroo Face Paints :) Kerli inspires me so much, her songs... videos... outfits :D

Naked Palette look :) 3

Mooooonface... haha cringe XD  
I also used sugarpills 'Tako' eyeshadow =]

Corpse Bride Look :)

Corpse bride look... originally done by Bows and curtseys but i had to try it for myself :D
I used Snazaroo White facepaint as a base and contoured with Sugarpills 'AfterParty' 
I used fancy dress blue hairspray for the hair... it made my bath a beautiful colour :D

Naked Palette look :) 2

Naked Palette look :) 1

I took slight inspiration from Mac's Viva glam gaga 2 :)
I used urban decays naked palette and Tako by sugarpill cosmetics 

Purple flame :)

I look balding!

A look i did ages ago :) my camera is only 5gb so it doesn't look as good as it did :)
Ashley did this makeup first, i had to copy... shes like my favorite makeup artist :D
I used Sugarpill cosmetics and added 3 gems... (moonmarks)  :-)

Kerli Inspired eyes :)

Makeup inspired by Kerli Koiv :) I love her so much :D I used Sugarpill cosmetics

Blue and Purple :)

Sliced Finger :)

First attempt... so it's not that good, but it still looks gross :D Next time i would add more black in the cut to make it look deeper :-)
I used this:

Cut skin :D

Use black eyeliner to draw the lines and then go over with cake blood/fake blood :D
I dipped a stipple sponge in cake blood and went over the writing in the first picture, it looks more splattered :)

Old looks i can't be bothered describing

I posted these pictures on tumblr but i might as well put them here :)
I did these ages ago so hopefully im better at it now haha :)

eyebrow experimenting :)